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Mr. Bishnu KC, acknowledged as a social worker currently residing in San Francisco, California, was born on 18 July 1987 in Chyanam VDC, Okhaldhunga to social activist Durga Bahadur Khatri and Juna Kumari Khatri. He completed his intermediate level form Chyanam school. After the completion of Intermediate level, he went to Kathmandu for his further study. He graduated from Pasupati Campus, Kathmandu with a major of B.A. He served as a Secretary in NEBI Sangh, a student’s union on Pasupathi campus. After then he joined, Nepali police. During his service to Nepal Police, he was selected to participate in UN Peace Keeping Force for two years. During that period, he applied for USA ana his Visa got accepted. He then resigned Nepal Police in 2015 and moved to San Francisco California USA. At First, he worked as a cook. specialized In Japanese Cuisine. In 2017, he got an opportunity to server as an International Cook at the world’s biggest Social Networking Platform, Facebook. He then founded two restaurants in California in partnership with his colleagues. Since his father was a social worker, he had acquired mindset of social service form his childhood. Helping the needy people makes his smile bigger. He was involved in social service at an early age. During his service at Nepal Police, he made a contribution to build a primary school in his birthplace. He knew how important it was to make the people of society educated. So, he donated his own land to build a primary school where the children of poor and needy people could get education. He established a temple and made tap where the people of village got access to drinking water facility. Not only in education sector, Mr KC, donated an ambulance to facilitate the people with health services, During the time of massive earthquake that occurred in Nepal in 2016, he helped many Nepalese with food, shelter and clothes. When the recent global pandemic caused by corona virus, Mr KC even gave his own car to needy Nepalese in USA and donated massive amount for the welfare of people in Nepal, With a motive of social service, he served as NICE for two years, which is an organization that works for the welfare of needy people residing in USA. Now, with firm commitment for wellbeing and prosperity of Nepalese in USA, Mr KC has been registered as a candidate for VICE-CHAIRMAN of NRN California Chapter.  


{ आदरणीय अमेरिकाबासी नेपाली दाजु-भाई आमा,बुबा तथा दिदी-बहिनी हरुमा...सादर नमस्कार 🙏}
प्रवासमा रहेका हामी नेपालीहरुको अविभावकका हैसियतमा रहेको गैर आवासिय नेपाली संघ (NRNA)अमेरिका यस अर्थ पनि हाम्रो साझा घर हो र यस भित्रको जिम्मेबारी हामीले पनि लिनु पर्दछ भन्ने सोचले मैले क्यार्लिफोनिया च्याप्टर को उपादक्क्ष पदमा उमेद्वारी दिने निर्णय गरेको छु । यो उमेद्वारी मेरो मात्र उमेद्वारी होईन क्यार्लिफोनियामा रहेका सबै नेपाली दाजु-भाई आमा ,बुबा,दिदी-बहिनीहरुको प्रतिनिधित्व उमेद्वारी हो । त्यसैले मेरो यस निर्णयमा तपाँईहरुको साथ सहयोग र सल्लाह सुझावको अपेक्षा गर्दै सवल सक्षम र समावेसी एनआरएनका निमित्त नयाँ कार्यसमिती निर्वाचन (२०२१\०२३)का लागि च्याप्टर उपादक्क्ष पदमा म आफ्नो उमेद्वारी घोषणा गरेक़ो छु | बिष्णु के०सी०(खत्री) California USA}

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